Center to Foster Innovation and Commercialization (UPR i+c)

UPR i+c is the center for innovation at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus. This Center is a dynamic hub designed to provide a collaborative environment where students, researchers and entrepreneurs can devise creative solutions to social challenges and launch human-centered technologies to the market.

Support for innovation teams: UPR i+c provides an integrated range of support services to students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to develop their innovations, including a workspace at UPR i+c facilities, design thinking sessions, guidance in the value proposition and business model definition process, customer discovery, market analysis, intellectual property management, identification of potential partners, pitch and presentation management, and search for external funds. We also offer assistance in the construction and validation of prototypes.

Incubator: UPR i+c offers an incubation program open for both students and entrepreneurs from the community. It consists of a nine-month training program, plus an additional six months of post-incubation support, during which the participants will engage in a series of workshops and mentoring sessions, take advantage of various specialized professional services, ranging from accounting, legal, human resources, and marketing services, and enjoy the collaborative working space at the UPR i+c facilities.

Academic offer: In collaboration with the School of Architecture, UPR i+c offers a Minor Concentration in Design and Innovation. Students of any academic discipline may enroll in this six-course minor, to learn about design, innovation and entrepreneurship, that at the same time prepares them to develop an innovative product or service with the potential to be commercialized in global markets.

Certificates: UPR i+c offers two unique certifications on innovation. Participants engage in a series of workshops and mentoring sessions, during which they develop their own innovation project based on their interests or academic research. This offering is open to academic programs of any campus or university, as well as non-profit organizations and companies

• Certificate in Innovation (Introductory)

• Certificate in Commercialization of Innovations and Preparation of the SBIR Commercialization Plan

We also offer workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship, according to the organization’s needs.

Resident entrepreneurs: UPR i+c is committed to supporting early-stage innovators navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business. We provide mentorship and support in the innovation development process, commercialization, and preparation for proposals to participate in programs and competitions in Puerto Rico and the United States. These entrepreneurs are based at UPR i+c facilities and are open to share their experiences and expertise to students and other early-stage entrepreneurs.

We are at the heart of the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico